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Richard Spooner you are god. 

I don’t care that this isn’t dressage. This is how you prevent massive crashes. Give your horse his head if he’s going through a jump.

Holy fuck, didn’t even realize he dropped the reins until like, the third time watching it….. but literally, a perfect save. It’s true so often; if you let the horse get you out of a sticky situation, instead of trying to fix it yourself, you’ll turn out alright.

Reblogging again. This is a horse who knows his job, and such an amazing rider.

Exactly. If you’re flopping through a big jump or just tripping on the ground, give your horse their head. They don’t want to fall just as much if not more than you don’t. They will do what they need to to right themselves and get through it. Your job at that point is to stay out of their way and just stay balanced. You can reconnect with the horse once trouble has passed.
This is amazing riding and can I just say that is a seat we should all strive for no matter our discipline because dat balance.
Also this is trust between a horse and rider. Not stupid tricks. Trusting them to get you through danger like this safely and relinquishing control in a moment of unexpected panic is trust.

anyone gonna comment on how Richard’s legs DON’T do the swoop when he rides like this?


Did I just stumble into heaven

no bcuz they’re all over $1000


All Antares everything


Capall Creek Farm 

He enjoys long walks on the beach, leaning and going on the forehand but it’s a good challenge and a nice lil work out for a ride.

I want rodeo love
Guys can we make this an Equine Blog chain like thing?


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